Travels & Treasures

Every great adventure starts with a journey, and every journey with a single step. Travels & Treasures enables myth masters to easily and quickly enhance their adventures, to cast the adventurers into unforeseen situations and unexpected events.

Every single journey will become an opportunity for adventure, every single encounter a believable and interesting situation.

Travels & Treasures also facilitates the crafting of adventures, and the treasures potentially found in them.

‘Travels & Treasures’ is available from here.


Another New MYFAROG Release: MEN & MONSTERS

#1 Men & Monsters for MYFAROG:


DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK unless you want a book with most of the men and all the monsters you can encounter in Thulê. Each named NPC from the MYFAROG core rule-book, most NPC categories (e. g. Civilian Hunters, Khemetian Merchant Guards, Rangers, Cultists, Assassins, etc.) with different experience levels, and all the monsters each have a separate stat block. There are also a few new creatures (Giant Toad, Rat Swarm, Cursed Tree, Crawling Creep, Large Forest Ettin/Ogre, Small Forest Ettin/Yrch, Elf Queen, Dwarf Lord, Ancient Hulda, Ancient Skeleton, Warrior Wight, Ancient Ghost, Ancient Sea Wraith/Wraith and Shadow Sorcerer) in this book. This handy 155 page book is small (5 * 8 inches) and very useful for myth masters for quick reference. Men & Monsters also includes advanced tracking rules and new random encounter tables, including the new creatures found in this book.

You can get it from here.

#2 Curses & Gifts for MYFAROG: 


“Curses & Gifts” is a small (31 page, 5″ * 8″) supplement for MYFAROG (v. 2.X), with a variety of new options for myth masters and players alike, as well as more setting information. Most of the contents is related to the religion of Thulê, but there is also other new contents. Some of the information in this small book was included in the first edition of MYFAROG, but most of the information is brand new, and all of it is adjusted to the second edition of the game. Most of the new rules and information in this booklet are very modular, meaning you can easily include them, or only parts of them, if you so wish

You can get Curses & Gifts for MYFAROG from here.

#3 Spells and Favours for MYFAROG:


DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK unless you wish a separate book with all the spells and favors from MYFAROG.

This small (46 page) and handy (5″ * 8″) book is intended for players who play sorcerers and for religious characters, who may wish to quickly look up some spell/favour.

There are no new spells/favours in this book, only those found in the MYFAROG core rule book.

You can get Spells & Favours from here.

#4 MYFAROG on Amazon:


MYFAROG version 2.4 is now available from Amazon:

Those who have version 2.2 and wish to use what is new for 2.3 and 2.4 can check out these PDFs:

New Travelling Rules for 2.3 and an update to 2.4 (any 2.4 books purchased after the 11th of February 2016 does not need this update).

What else is new?

See also the new character sheet (with Tired/Exhausted added next to Stamina).


PS. The errata for 2.3 is: one formatting error on page 70. There is no errata for 2.4.