Optional Rule for XP modification based on Character Int

Because of my optional rule for XP, posted here a few days ago, I was reminded of the fact that in the draft for MYFAROG 1E there was a rule where Int modified the amount of XP you got, because — simply put — smart people learn more from both failure and success than dumb people.

“It is human to fail, but a shame to remain in failure.” 

The rule was not included because it just complicated things for not a very good reason, and also — frankly — it mainly makes it suck to have a character with low Int, and Int is already pretty important in MYFAROG, being the attribute modifying the most skills.

The rule was pretty realistic though, and I figured some of you might like it and want to use it, so here it is:

The amount of XP gained each Saturday is modified by Int * 5%. 

E. g. if you have Int +1 you will get 5% more XP each Saturday. If you have Int -2 you will get 10% less. If you have Int +4 you get 20% more. Etc. 

If you want Int to have an even bigger impact on your character’s ability to learn, you can modify Int by 10% instead. Some times I get the impression in real life that the mod is at least 20%….

It’s your game, so you are of course free to use or modify this rule as you see fit.

Good gaming!

Dumb characters for smart players?” 😉

Optional Experience Points Rules for MYFAROG (Second Edition)

Gaining experience points is a great way to reward players and allow character development, but experience in real life is gained mainly from failure. If you do something and do it well, if you succeed and know what you are doing, you don’t really learn that much. If you fail though, you might see what you did wrong, you might see what you instead should have done, and thus… you learn more.

Having a more realistic XP reward system, where failure is rewarded as well, or even more than success, is not without problems though. It can be misused by players, but like always: if you don’t like this rule, or feel that it can somehow be problematic for your group, just ignore it and use the perfectly functional default XP reward rules found in MYFAROG.

What is different?

You now also gain XP for failures, but you also gain less XP from successes.

The following table replaces the XP table found on page 20 in the core rulebook.

OPtional XP Rule TABLE

XP rewarded for testing skills where the result is tested against a table (e. g. Foraging), is done as before. No change there.

Good gaming!