Why a second edition of MYFAROG?

A second edition of MYFAROG is coming up, and will be ready for purchase in a week or two, from our Ancenstral Cult shop (link).

Originally, I intended not to ever make any new editions of MYFAROG, and instead just continuously update and improve the first edition. However, I was trying to play MYFAROG with two of my kids, age 5 and 7, and first edition was a bit too complicated for them. So I figured I should make a ‘basic’ edition of the game, to enable them to play without being overwhelmed.

As I progressed with the ‘basic’ edition, I realized that what I did made the game so much better, easier and faster to play, and for some strange reason I also made the game more logical – and not least more fun.

So the ‘basic’ edition of the game became so good that I decided not only to publish it as a ‘basic’ version of MYFAROG alongside the more ‘advanced’ 1st edition, but instead to publish it instead of the 1st edition! So yes; I will discontinue the 1st edition of the book (meaning that I will print no more of it, and when it’s sold out it’s sold out forever), and replace it with the 2nd edition.

Now, 2nd edition is only 122 pages (compared to 1st editon’s 264 pages), it has been printed (in France) in soft cover (but on the same paper), and will cost only 50% of what the 1st edition cost. As you can understand, much of the information found in the 1st edition is missing from the 2nd edition; the names lists are gone, all the proverbs are gone, all the Hávamál poems are gone, many skill example task tables are gone and I have reduced the size of the font in the text (and also changed the font into Book Antiqua), so that I could fit much more information on fewer pages. However, I will make all the missing information available as free PDFs here on this website (to be found here soon), so that anybody who wises to use those can still do so.

In the end, I can add that all source material for MYFAROG published in the future will be compatible with both editions of the game, and if you are happy with 1st edition, I will advice you to stick to that and don’t waste your money on buying the 2nd edition. If you don’t have MYFAROG, or if do, but want a faster, easier to play, an even more logical and even more fun MYFAROG, and if you can afford it, I strongly advice you to buy the 2nd edition of the game!

Thank you for your attention,