MYFAORG Rules Clarifications

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Q: How do I engage in mêlée if I am for example 40′ away from my enemy?

A: Normally you will both just walk up to each other until you are within mêlée range, and then mêlée starts. If not, one (or both) can charge into the situation, or perform a tactical advance (5′ to 15′) if closer to the enemy. The rules for charging and tactical advance will then of course apply.


Q: Are there any “attacks of opportunity” in MYFAROG?

A: Not as such. If you have won the initiative, you can move out of a mêlée before your opponent can attack. If he has the initiative on the other hand, he will be able to attack you before you can move.


Q: When you use magic items, will the Rune Lore DD for doing so go down for each time?

A: Yes, according to the rules for “Practising” (page 34 in 4E) the DD goes down by 2 every time you do the exact same thing, to a maximum of 6. So it will become easier to use a sorcerous item for every time you succeed, to a certain point. Note that when the DD goes down, so does the XP reward for performing the task.