When Night Falls

Myth module M1, “When Night Falls”, is the first official Myth (adventure) for MYFAROG. It takes the Adventurer Party to Bearhillside to find out what has happened to a missing family. Included in this Myth; a castle, ancient towers, forgotten caves and an abandoned mine…. Beware of ettins and trolls!

M1 When Night Falls is made for MYFAROG 2.6!


Here is a direct link to a the real world map where this myth takes place. Remember that Osvoll = Riverwall. Here is a link to Bearhillside. Thrall cabins can be seen in the dark green area just north-east of the “castle”.

For those who also want a digital version of the maps in the booklet, here follows PDF semi-High-Res maps for the myth (for the Myth Master’s eyes only!):

Area Map


The Abandoned Mine

The Antediluvian Structure

The Cave-in

The Reservoir

The Second Ancient Tower

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