The latest update to MYFAROG (from 2.5 to 2.6) is now available from Amazon. The whole game has had a ‘make-over’ and many things have changed, mechanically, but in other ways too. The changes were made mainly to fix a problem with characters becoming too powerful at high levels, and even at medium levels, but many things have changed to improve upon the game and its setting itself. Unfortunately, this means the older (pre-2.6) versions of the game is no longer fully compatible with 2.6. Also, version 2.6 is 160 pages (earlier versions were 124 pages), because many things previously found only in the supplements, and because many new things (e. g. the Wood Elf as a new playable race) have been added. Everything from the supplements ‘Men & Monsters’ and ‘Skills’ are now in the core rule book, as well as several options that used to be in ‘Curses & Gifts’.


Thanks a lot to Robin J. for the fillable PDF character sheets for 2.6!


Thanks to Jeff C. for reminding me to make a myth master’s screen for 2.6 as well:


If you want to keep using an older version of the game, but use future supplements, you only need to make some minor changes (some of them can be seen from the new character sheet and many from the new myth master’s screen):

The Character Role skill bonus is now ‘1/2 the level’, instead of ‘the level’, and max bonus is +5.

The Trained skills bonu is now ‘1/4 the level’, instead of ‘1/2 the level’, and max bonus is +4.

Talents give +1 to skills, not +2.


All skill mods are changed. Although not exactly like that, as a general rule you can modify all existing DD mods by /3.

When made available again, the different (old and new) supplements will be compatible with version 2.6.